Project - Albany Theatre, Coventry.

Printed Mesh and Installation.

The Albany Theatre is an impressive Art-Deco style theatre residing behind the superb façade of the old Coventry Technical College building. The building was designed in 1919, and opened in 1935. Known to its regulars as the Butts Theatre, it closed its doors in January 2009, following the acquisition of the (then-named) City College site by developers. The Theatre re-opened its doors on 1st February 2013, supported by Coventry City Council and a vast team of volunteers. 


Following renovation work the rear of the building was exposed leaving not the most attractive view for local residents.  Syne Graphics were commissioned to come up with a cost effective but durable solution. In the style of the surrounding wooden facia walls Syne Graphics project managed, produced, delivered and installed, at height, a 26m wide x 5.5m (143sqm) printed mesh banner.

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