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There are many benefits to printed mesh banners and printed mesh fencing graphics. Mesh banners are a perfect marketing and brand solution for construction sites, festivals, events, concerts, sports stadia and leisure arena's.

  • Increases Brand Awareness - The ability to produce large scale, high impact external and internal visual graphics.
  • Cost Effective - Inexpensive solution for both small and large volume requirements.
  • Weather Proof - Designed to allow the wind through the graphic, this prevents damage and provides a great solution for heras fencing and temporary fencing for Construction sites and barrier covers for events and festivals.
  • Colour quality - UV protected so the graphics are colour fast, so will not fade.

At Syne Graphics we can produced banners up to 3.2m without a join but offer large scale solutions of any width required with our option of welded finishing. Complete finishing in-house to provide the finest quality product.

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